Costs of Horse Ownership

How Much Does A Horse Cost? – Really good article on  This article has a list of different items a horse owner might need to pay for(tack, feed, health care, boarding). One interesting item in this article is the quotes from a couple of horse organizations that estimate the yearly cost(NOT including stabling) of owning a healthy horse($2500-$3500).

Learn The True Cost Of A Horse – An article on

How Much Does It Cost To Board A Horse?  An article on


Selecting Quality Hay For Horses –  This is an article with lots of information about the nutritional quality of different hays and how to tell which ones are good. It was written by Dr. Martin Adams, PAS – Equine Nutritionist for Southern States Farmer Coop.

Choosing Hay For Horses – PDF – Great article from the Cooperative Extension Service – University of Kentucky – College of Agriculture.

All About Hay – Another article about how Hay is made and different types of Hay.


Graze Anatomy: Handling Horses On A Small Acreage – This article has some pictures that show how horses can tear up a pasture. Lots of information on how to keep your pasture in good shape.

Five Steps To A Great Horse Pasture – Another good article about how to keep pastures in good shape.

Maximizing The Value Of Pasture For Horses – An article from Purdue University – Department of Agronomy.

Hoof Care

AR Natural Hoof Care – This one is located in Arkansas. There is a lot of good information on the website.

Natural Hoof Care For Horses

Handling Your Horses Hooves

Arkansas Farriers List – This is a site with a list of Farriers in Arkansas by City and County. Most seem to be on the west side of the state.


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