Vet Came To Give Coggins

Horses coming in from Pasture.Our horses were all given their Coggins last week. The vet came out to the farm to do them all at the same time.

Then the paint got loaded up and hauled over to Arkansas State University for a few days of training over the weekend.

She seemed to enjoy it.

She got a shower and shampoo while there. She had gotten her mane and tail all matted during the winter, but she is all brushed out and detangled now.

Loading the horsetrailer up to haul a horse around is a job. You don’t even realize what all you have till you need to move it somewhere else.  The saddle, tack, and all the other equipment makes for a good load.

The feed and hay for her to eat had to be hauled over there too, but it was worth it.




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